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Rules Regulations and Byelaws Etc Relating to Lucknow Municipality Corrected upto February 28 1933




4 of Bhikaripur thence a straight line running due west skirting the northern wall of the Christian cometry' to outram Road thence along the eastern side of Outram Road to the Lucknow ChaukagliAt railway line thence along the south side of the Railway line to the level crossing on the Lucknow-Sitapur Road thence along the wetern side of the ne-7.7 metalled road leading to the Machchibhawan B [...] 468 and 469 of village Bhaptamau with the Oudh and Rohilkhand Railway fence South.—The Oudh and Rohilkhand Railway line ilp to the level crossing on the Cawnpore road; thence along the southern side of the metalled road which runs past the front of the Government slaughter-house to the junction of that road with the Bijnor road; thence the Cantonment boundary to the (kWh and Rohilkhand Railway br [...] The returning officer shall cause the claims or objections to be published by fixing up a list of the claimants and of the persons objected to in the ward in respect of which the claims or objections are made or if there be no ward in conspicuous pietas throughout the municipality and at the municipal office and by keeping the list so fixed up from the tenth to the fifteenth day of October (o [...] The electoral rolls shall be completed by the seventh day of November (or in the case of the municipality of Naini Tal by the fourteenth day of August) and shall come into operation on the tenth day of November (or in the case of the municipality of Naini Tal on the twenty-- fifth day of August) and subject to provided by rule 14 shall continue in operation until the tenth day. [...] (2) If the returning officer is not satisfied as to the identity of the proposer or of the seconder or of the candidat e or as to the authenticity of..the candidate's declaration or if the candidate is absent and no declaration on his part is presented or if the name of the candidate is not entered in the electoral roll or if the proposer or the seconder is not entered in the electoral roll of the


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