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The Principles of Hindu Law. The Commentaries. First Edition




It was at the courts of the Guptas of Rudradaman of Ujjayini of Harsha and of Hala the Andhra of Satkarni and of Pulumayi who posed as the champion of Hinduism and Buddhism against the casteless foreign settlers that the best of Sanskrit literature was produced. [...] From this the Parihala Brahmin of Bengal the author of the Dayabhaga was described as the great Silahar king the father of Aparaditya by the early writers on Hindu Law.* It appears that the kingdom of the Silaharas was destroyed shortly after by the Yadavas in 1205 A. D. I ought to mention here Hara Datta the writer of the Ujjvala commentary on Apastamba. [...] The story of the founding of the kingdom of Vijayanagar in 1336 A. D. is one of the most romantic episodes in the history of the world. [...] The kingdom was finally destroyed by a confedracy of the Muhammadan kings of the Deccan at the disastrous battle of Talikota in 1565 A. D. and the Hindu culture and learning of the south vanished and the great book of Madhava was forgotten. [...] Srikrlshna Tatkalankara the celebrated commentator of the Dayabhaga and the author of the Dayakrama Sangraha was an inhabitant of the district of Maldah who emigrated to Navadvipa about the middle of the eighteenth century.



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