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The Indian Offer of Imperial Preference




Is there no way in which the interests of India and the requirements of its public opinion can be reconciled with the interests of the United Kingdom and the development of India’s resources be made both to serve and be served by the development of the Empire as a whole? [...] By the mouth of the accredited leaders of her newly elected representatives in the GovernoGeneral’s Legislative Council she submitted to the Imperial Government a resolution suggesting :— “The desirability in view of the loss of opium revenue of considering financial measures for strengthening the resources of the Government with special reference to the possibility of increasing the revenu [...] This specious theory has been stated more than once in the House of Commons —both in reference to the woollen industry to the oil industry in the course of the debate on the Indian Budget on July 26 19II and to the tobacco industry in the debate on the Indian Budget of 1910. [...] The Report shows that the preference granted by Canada to British Empire prducts—aided by the Brussels Convention of 1903 the Canadian surtax on German importations the strong and substantial preference given by the United States to their own Dependencies of Porto Rice Cuba and the Philippines and the ini crease in the Canadian consumption of sugar—had raised the Canadian importsTHE INDIAN [...]. Exports show a total increase of.4.148136o." Dealing with the trade between the Motherland and the colony after the establishment of Preference our British Consular Report declares that the increase was enormous." In the incomplete portion of the year 1909 following on Preference the iports into the colony from the United States had increased by.4279 895 and the exports in the revers


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