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Civil Rules and Orders. For the Guidance of the Civil Courts and Officers Subordinate to the High Court of Judicature at Fort William in Bengal




The importance of recent legislative changes the numbers of amendments in rules and procedure and above all the publcation of the report of the Civil Justice Committee since the last edition of this work appeared in 1918 had long served to emphasise the need for a thorough revision of both volumes of the Court's Civil Rules and Orders. [...] It was not however till the middle of 1932 that the services of a member of the Bengal Civil Service (Judicial) were placed at the disposal of the High Court to work as a Special Officer under the Registrar of the Appellate Side for the purpose of this revision. [...] Each of the existing rules of the Calcutta High Court together with those of all the other High Courts and the recommendations of the Civil Justice Committee had to be examined in detail and the whole had to be brought into line with the Codes and Laws which it is the business of High Court rules to amplify and explain. [...] The comprehensive and radical character of the revision work of nearly three years will be found largein the introduction in Volume I of numerous rules tending to iprove the administration an d the rescission of obsolete ones and in the addition modification simplification and deletion of certain forms in Volume II undertaken with the same end in view. [...] 1. Record Room arrangement and general duties of the Record-Keeper and his staff.. 215-219 2. Receipts of records in the Record Room 219-220 3. Arrangement of records in the Record Room.. 220-222 4. Custody Removal and Transmission of Records and of Documents contaied therein.


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