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Lord Gouranga




Thus the advent of Jesus Christ establishes the possibility of the divine character of Sree Gauranga and in the same way the advent of Sree Ganranga establishes the possibility of the advent of Jesus Christ. [...] If the followers of Christ claim the right of denying the reality of other Prophets they thereby entitle the followers of the other Prophets to claim the same right of denying the genuineness of theirs. [...] If the gifted races of the West have devoted all their energies to the solution of the mysteries which surround the material universe the Hindus have devoted themselves from time immemorial to the solution of the mysteries which appertain to the spiritual nature of man. [...] If the genius of the Western nations lies in the cultivation and development of the exact sciences the solution of the mysterious problems surrounding the destiny of man was the main object of the students in Nadia and elsewhere in India. [...] He will understand thoroughly the aim and the object of the life of Sree Krishna as given in the Sreemat Bhagbat the Old Testament of the Vaishnavas and other Vaisnava books when he comes to study the sayings and doings of Sree Gauranga.



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