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Annual Report of Sugarcane Research WorkConducted at Shahjahanpur Muzaffarnagar Gorakhpur Neoli (Etah) and Out-Stations in the Uttar Pradesh for the Year 1st June 1951 to 31st May 1952




(24 —To study phosphate deficiency in zonal soils by the Azotobacter plaque method (25)—To study the nitrifying capacity of the soils of the Complete Nutrient Experiment (26)—To study the activity of root nodule orgaisms in different soil types PHYSIOLOGICAL STUDIES (27)—Climatic conditions and cane growth (28)—Investigations on water relations of cane; the effect of 'Normal' and 'Deficient' ir [...] in the form of sulphate of ammonia is not desirable the experiment ha►been modified by the inclusion of green manuring with sunn-netnp with a view to improving the organic matter content of the soil 1/47). [...] 453 towards the end of the season Smut occurred in small pockets in different parts of the State extending from the extreret west to the extreme east (32). [...] Further studies on fertility variations from year to year have been carried out in the long-term uniformity trial plot (46) N. P. K. trial and the rotational trial at Shahjahanpur (48) The yield survey the sugarcane in the development zones of the State showed that the average yield of plant cane worked out to 674 mds. [...] As a result of the delay in the onset of monsoon the growth of the cane crop was adversely affected.


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