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The History of Aryan Rule in India




THE BREAK-UP OF THE MAURVAN BMPIRE AND THE TURKI INVASIONS I 19 Asoka's Successor Dasaratha : The Break-up of Mauryan Empire : The Sunga Dynasty : Pushyamitra revives the Great Horse-sacrifice : Buddhism and Brahmanism : Patanjali the Sanskrit Grammalian and the Revival of Brahman Scholarship : The 'Anted Persecution of Buddhists by Pushyamitra : The End of tke Sunga Dynasty 0: The Kfinva Dynas [...] V. BREAK-UP OF THE DELHI EMPIRE 335 Matalman Gaur and its Architecture : The Sultans of Jaunpur : Husain Shah aril his Patronage of Hindu Learning : The Cult of Satya-Pir : The Jaunpur School of Islam : The Kulbarga Dynasty : The Gujerat Dynasty and Wars with the Rajputs of Metvar : The Portuguese in India :‘ The Afghan Dynasty of Malwa : The Fariiki Dynasty of Khb.ndesh. [...] The village grove where the children were taught and where the elders discuved the affairs of the community became the school the parliament house and the temple of the tribe. [...] Early Indo-Aryan society was like that of the Homeric age in Greece a patriarchal system in which the father instead of the mother was the head of the joint family and the warrior instead of the hunter or bandit was the leader of the tribe. [...] The Brahmans formed the priestly class ; the Kshatriyas were the fighting men ; the Vaisyas the common people e gaged it occupations connected with the necessaries of 1' ; and the Sudras the menial labourers including the er ranks of handicraftsmen and tillers of the soil.



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