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The Forward Policy and its Results or Thirty-Five Years' Work Amongst the Tribes on our North-Western Frontier of India




remember the India of that time when there was no railway on the frontier except for the few miles between Karachi and Kotri and that this was in the month of Aug ust the height of the Monsoon and the hot season will admit that the prospect before me was.a somewhat formidable one. [...] One of the greatest obstacles now existing to the establisment of an extensive and most valuable trade between Central Asia and the sea is the total want of protection for life and property on the journey through the Bolan and the plain of Kachi. [...] The fire of the burning hamlets was seen by the garrison of the Hurrund Fort and a detachment of forty troopers of the 5th Punjab Cavalry galloped to the spot. [...] Sir Henry Green in his reply said that the Khan had no control over the Maths ; and wrote : The Marris being Beluch are certainly nominally subjects of the Khan of Khelat and are held by him under about the same control as the Afridis of the hills bounding the Peshawar valley are by the ruler of Kabul; and any complaint of their conduct to the Khan would be of as much use as the Commissioner of [...] In his reply to the Punjab Government the Secretary of the Government of India in the Foreign Department wrote : I am directed to state that in the opinion of the Viceroy and 'Governor-General in Council the proceedings now reported which have resulted in the capture of these chiefs are very creditable to Mr.


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