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The Progress of Education February 1934




But with the stupendous discoveries of the industrial age the undreamt-of progress in the ease speed and extent of travel the world-wide news service the gigantic expanse df trade of education of financial and colonial enterprise all the peoples of the earth are brought together in ever closer contact materally and spiritually. [...] ENGLISH THE DOMINANT WORLD LANGUAGE The fact that English is the language of the United States gives to the English tongue to English civilisation and cultural influence a unique position in the present and an overwhelming importance in the new world that is passing through the inevtable tearings and dislccations which accompany the birth of all things of gigantic size of pertentous significa [...] The need for it was realised by the Government and the people soon after the introduction of the Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms in 1920-21 and the consequent extension of the franchise which enabled them to visualise the dangers of an ignorant electorate. [...] The first reference to the subject appears in the Statement on the Moral and Material Progress of India during 1921 the very first year of the introduction of the Montford Reforms. [...] Here on the top of the rock 200 yards away from the falls the boys enjoyed a bath in the tiny cascades in the warm sunshine which removed the exhaustion caused by the ascent and descent and refreshed them a deal.



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