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Government of West Bengal. Final Report on the Survey and Settlement Operations in the District of 24-Paraganas. For the period 1924-1933




The southern part of the sudivision presents all the typical features of half-formed land through which the eltuaries of the Ganges find their way to the sea. [...] In the northern area the tracts along the banks of the Hooghly are salubrious owing to better drainage the comparative absence of noxious undergrowth and the sea breeze which blows almost continuously during the south-west monsoon. [...] (2) The Kulgachi Bil situated to the west of Balinda in the centre of the insular portion surrounded by the Bidyadhari river and the Katakhal. [...] (5) and (6) The Balli and DIntbhanga Bils the former containing ten and the latter.twelve square miles are also sitated east of the Jamuna and to the north of the Bayra Bil. [...] Roads are practically unknown in the Sundarbans and the waterways are the only means of commtinications with outside world the embankments are the chief means of communications within the blocks of lands.


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