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A Collection of the Acts Passed by the Governor General of India in Council in the year 1896




The Governor General in Council may from time to time by notification in the Gazette of India declare that all or any of the provisions of this Act or the rules thereunder shall not apply or shall apply subject to such conditions modifications or restrictions as to the Governor General in Council may seem expedient in the case of Natives of India departing out of British India under an agree [...] [ ACT II (Prelinainary.—Seetion 3.) respectively under the administration of theLieutenanG overnors of Bengal and the NortWestern Prvinces and the Chief Commissioner of Oudh the Board of Revenue ; in the Presidency of Bombay outside Sind the Commissioner of Customs ; in Sind the Commissioner ; in the Punjab and Burma the Finacial Commissioner ; and elsewhere the Local Goverment [...] (2) Any such officer may at any time with or witout notice to the owner examine the working records sale records and accounts of any mill and take copies of or extracts from all or any of the said records or accounts for the purpose of testing the accuracy of any return or of informing himself as to any particulars regarding which information is required for the puposes of this Act o [...] by the Collector under section 9 ; (d) regulating the inspection of mills and the powers and duties of Collectors and other officers in respect thereof ; (e) regulating the provision of warehouses under this Act and the deposit and discharge of goods therein and therefrom and the powers and duties of the Collector in rspect thereof ; (f) prescribing the records and books of account to be kep [...] statement showing — with respect to clauses (a) and (b) of the said section the quantity and count of yarn and as far as possible the monthly returns in which they were included ; with respect to clause (c) of the said section the quantity and count of yarn and the date and particulars of the payment of import duty thereon.



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