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Selection for Leading Cases for the use of B.L. Students - Hindu Law




That the deed is hers is in the opinion of their Lordships further confirmed by the great improbability of the history which some of the witnesses of the respondent give as to the /adult; of the instrument. [...] to the argument if the of a deed of charge by a manager for an infant be established and the fact of the advance be proveil the presumption of law is in nod fiscie to support the charge and the onus of disproving it rests on the heir. [...] By the Hindu Law the freedom of the son from the obligation to discharge the father's debt has respect to the nature of the debt and not to the nature of the estate whether ancestral or acquired by the creator of the debt. [...] The other two were of opinion that the power existed at the time of the adoption and a decree was made therefore in favour of the plaintiff as to the ancestral property of l3howaneo Kishore but not as to his self-acquired property; and the costs of the parties were ordered to be borne by then) in proportion to the amount of the 1866. [...] two Judges of the Budder Court who decided in favour of the respondent (certainly by one of them) that the document was to be regarded as a Will and as containing a limitation on failure of male issue of the Testator in the life-time of Chundrabullee Debia of the estate of the Testator to a son to be adopted by Chundrabullee Debia a a persona designates ; and one of the Judges in a very



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