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Government of Bengal Revenue Department Selections from the Correspondence on the Revenue Administration of the Chittagong Hill Tracts 1862-1927




The son of the headman shall ordinarily succeed to the post of his father save in the event of his being unfitted by reason of mi sconduct or mental or bodily incapacity in which case the villages shall choose a fresh head subject to the approval of the Deputy Commissioner. [...] 6. This rule was admirable in its working as it afforded not only protection to the inhabitants of the Hill Tracts and to a certain extent throw difficulties in the way of borrowing but also as giving the Superintendent an insight into the extent of the productions of the country and the feelings and domestic condition of the inhabitants which otherwise it would have been difficult to gain. [...] The niunsifs know nothing of the hills or the people : their courts are thronged by muktears of the baser sort who are only too ready to assist by every metins in their power in blinding the eyes of the adMinistrator of the law. [...] 2nd.—From the time of taking charge of this district the subject of the nature of the existing revenue settlements of the 1-tills and the necessity for a revision of the same had occupied my most serious attention. [...] I have the honour to report for your information that in accordance with your orders dated the 11th instant 1 on the evening of the 17th left Chandraghona en route" Xasalong for the purpose of enquiring into the number of houses and men in the different Chakina villages lying along both banks of the Karnaloolie river anduomparing the result of my enquiry with the "Capitation tit*.


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