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Selections from the Calcutta Review Vol. V June - September 1895 Containing Articles from Nos. CXXIX to CXXXV July 1877 - Jany 1879




In the early part of the quarrel the Musalmans in order to be revenged on the Hindus for the defeat they had sustained had taken a cow and killed it on one of the holiest ghats and mingled its blood with the sacred water of the Ganges This Pet of double moorilege was looked on by the Brahmins as having destroyed the sacredness of the holy place if not of the whole city so that salvation In [...] The site however was a portion of the longcontested ground common to the mosque of Aurung zebe and the Bisheshwar temple and the Mahommedans taking umbrage at the innovation warned the Nagar to desist from his pious work promising however to hold a meeting for the drawing up of a formal remonstrance for presentation to the authorities with whom should rest the final decision between the Nag [...] He accordingly convened a meeting of the leading Chowdries of the julahars at the Chand Rahmat Ghazi mosque and soon aftewards a general assembly of the Mahonamedans.1 Sum migh Khel The pretext for these meetings was the drawing up of the remonstrance against the Nagar's stone wall but the real motive was the arrangement of measures of self-defence against the time when the Hindus should re [...] The festival of the Diwali came on immediately after the cessation of the dots and it was with the greatest difficulty the Gosains could be restrained from attempts to rekindle the smoudering wrath of the Hindus. [...] the Bisheshwar and followed by multitudes of armed people trovermeel the city of the Churn Padka a Hindu place of sanctity on the bank of the Ganges ; here they remained assembled until my return to the city at one o'clock when the Hindus being driven from the musjid the multitude quitted the Churn Padka and collected in the streets and avenues sure 'rounding the Disheshwer t here the prison



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