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Speeches Delivered by his Excellency the Right Hon’ble Sir John Anderson P.C. G.C.B. G.C.I.E Governor of Bengal and his Excellency the Right Hon’ble Lord Brabourne G.C.S.I. G.C.I.E. M.C. Governor of Bengal During 1937-1938




In the name of the King-Hinperor and by His Majesty's Command I invest you with the Insignia of the Most Exalted Order of the Star of India of whin His Majesty has been pleased to appoint you a Companion.7 MR. [...] In 1936 you held during a leave vacancy the high office of Hon'ble Member in charge of the Irrigation Department and towards the end of the same year were called upon to assume for a time the responsibilities of the office of Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dacca. [...] Your services are always at the disposal of the authorities in matters relating to improvement of the countryside and your enthusiasm in the destruction of water-hyacinth has brought relief from this pest to large areas of the Sadar Subdivision of Faridpur. [...] not limited to the welfare of the Bank and you have taken a leading Volt in the campaigns for the destruction of water-hyacinth the restriction of jute and theIt introduction of substitute crops. [...] It is a source of profound satisfaction to me personally that the release of the University from a position of humiliating and cramping dependence should have come about during my tenure of office as Chancellor.33 The Vice-Chancellor has referred to a sum of money collected during the time of Lord Lytton towards the re-institution of the Professorship of Sanskrit...



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