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Town Planning in Ancient India




The Tamil poets' enthusiasm over the elaborate descriptions of their cities historical and architectural proves that they were conscious of their magnificence.' The spirit which animated the authors of the Purdnas to hyperbolise the dimensions overcolour the grandeur and brilliancy to outdecorate the ornate and florid decorations to eulogise the lions of their cities and the actions of their [...] From the Mftnasdra we learn that in the ceremony of the plough and in the woship of the patron deities the master-builders hiself presented the offerings but hired' Siidras for the ploughing of the ground. [...] The hiring of the Siidras clearly proves that he at least belonged to a higher caste than the Sildras ; the personal presentation of the offerings invocation and worship of the deity without the aid of the sacerdotal class testifies to nobility of his lineage in former times. [...] the ' para3 ' of the Ghoses the pass' of the Dattas of the Banerjees or Mukherjees of a modern complex village which are genealogically derived from the same patriarch are nothing short of a village-unit. [...] The fine alleys that lead to the temple form the prototypes of the main crossways (rajamargl h) of the village or the city ; the spcious corridors and paths encompassing the temple constitute the counterparts of the streets routed the royal castle ; while the girdle of wall and the pradakshina ' path or the path of circumambultion is the Mangalabitlai ' or the boulevard going round the city.


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