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Asian Relations Conference. March-April 1947. Local Government in Ceylon




how far we should embody in legislation certain 'extra-legal' powers and functions exercised through the ages by certain local bodies such as the Parish or the Gansabhawa or the Panchayat; the definition of the relations between the Central Government and Local Bodies regarding powers and functions policy and finance; the creation by statute of various2 types of new local authorities. [...] In place of the Gansabhawa an officer was apnointed by the Government known as the Village Headman whose duties consisted of the collection of revenue for the Central Government and any other functions he might be called upon to perform in his village on behalf of the Central Authority.3 Government was rapidly centralised and even when towards the latter part of the last century certain local aut [...] The real corrective is the establishment without any delay of a proper system of local self-government which will provide the people with the necessary knowledge and experience of the vast mass of governmental administration which local bodies are called upon to perform. [...] Many years of foreign rule have tended to efface from the minds of the public the realistion of the true value and importance of local government. [...] With regard to Control the Central Government while preserving such powers of control and supevision as are necessary for the efficient working of Local Authorities both internally and in relation to the governmental system of the country should avoid reducing them merely to the position of servants or agents of the Central Government.


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