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The Ceylon Central Government Railway a Descriptive and Illustrated Guide




Other first-class hotels are the Bristol in York Street the Galle Face Hotel at the southern end of the esplanade and the Mount Lavinia about seven miles down the coast; while amongst the smaller ones are the Globe and the British India. [...] In the vicinity of the Town Hall we notice the great diversity of races represented : Sinhalese Moors Tamils Parsees Dutch Portuguese Malays and Afghans ; the variety of costume worn by each race in accordance with caste or social position from the simple loin cloth of the cooly to the gorgeous attire of the wealthy and high-caste gentleman ; the different complexions and forms of toilet t [...] Palms in great variety intermingle with the gorgeous mass of scarlet flamboyant blossoms the lovely lemon-yellow lettuce tree the ever-graceful bamboo the crimson blooms of the dark hibiscus contrasting with the rich green of the arcca date and palmyra palms the huge waving leaves of the plantain flowering trees and shrubs of every description of tropical foliage the whole forming to the ri [...] The name and address of the addressee must be paid for and also that of the sender if included in the body of the telegram and signalled. [...] Here is to be found the purely Sinhalese section of the inhabitants of the island a circumstance due to the fact that the lowlands of the south were not invaded by the Malabars who in early times coquered and held possession of the northern provinces for long periods with.the result of a considerable commixture of the Aryan and Dravidian races.



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