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Tagore Law Lectures: the Law of Riparian Rights Alluvion and Fishery




Fluvialia incrementa—(i) Alluvion—(2) Dereliction—Ownership of lands derelicted--Effect of sudden or gradual change of the bed of a stream on the position of the boundary line between conterminous proprietors—(iii) Islands—Apportionment of Mande among riparian proprietors—Rule of the Civil Code of Louisiana—Mole of division of a second island formed between the first and the opposite mainland—Ear [...] XI of 1825 with respect thereto—' Fordable channel ' what—Probable origin of the doctrine of a fordable channel—Requisites of a strict definition of a fordable channel—Point of time to which the fordability or otherwise of the channel ought to refer—ExaminatidrBf eases bearing upon the topic—Wise v. Amirunnissa—Act IV of 1868 (B. [...] Bight to the use purity and flow of water—Vinnins' doctrine—Exposition of the nature of the right by Chancellor rent—By Leach V. C. in Wright v. Howard—Modes of disturbance of the right— True measure of the right—Reasonable user how determined—(a) Right to the use of water—Distinction betwicen ordinary' and extraordinary' uses of water—Miner v. Gilmour—' Ordinary uses '—' Extraordinary uses [...] PAGE ownership—By alterations in the dominant tenement—By efflux of tins) Or fulfilinent of condition—By express release—By abandonment! V. Right to met defences agaidst the encroachment ma the flood of the river—Extent of the rightin case of ordinary floods—Extent of the right in case of extraordinary floods—Alteration of the natural condition of frontage by riparian or littoral owners —How an o [...] Fishery over the foreshore of the sea and in tidal waters—Right of fishery in such waters prima facie vested in the public—Extent of the right— Mode in which this right may lawfully be exorcised—Foundation of the right—Dicussion of authorities—Effect of alteration of the channel of a tidal navigable river upcin the public right of fishery—Prerogative of the Crown to appropriate or grant severa



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