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Government of Bengal. Report on Public Instruction in Bengal For the Year 1932-33




As one of the proposals was the introduction of an edcational qualification for franchise the whole question of the education of the masses has assumed great importance. [...] The number of posts in the Men's Branch of the Indian Edcational Service was as in the previous year nominally 67 (excluding that of the Director of Public Instruction) of which 3 were in the Higher Selection grade 10 in the Lower Selection grade and one on a special rate of pay the remaining 53 posts being in the ordinary timscale of the service. [...] 2 177 2 154 (iv) Special posts.—During the year under report the number of special posts was reduced from 42 to 40 owing to (1) the abolition of the post of Assistant Principal Ahsanullah School of Engineering Dacca on the retirement of the late incumbent and (2) the transfer of the post of Head Master Armanitola High English School Dacca from the list of special posts to the Men's Branch of t [...] Towards the close of this year the temporary post of the Additional Assistant Director of Public Instruction was abolished and three posts were created—one for the appointment of a Principal Eden High School for Girls Dacca and two others for the appointment of Professors of History and Economics at the Presidency College Calcutta. [...] The starting of intermediate classes in the Victoria Institution Calcutta and the creation of the Women's Department of VidN-asagar College as a separate unit account for the increase.



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