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Report of the Indian Tariff Board on the Non-Ferrous Metals Industry




There has been little progress in the development of our zinc resources apart from the prospecting of the Zawar mines by the Utilisation Branch of the Geological Survey of India and latterly by the Metal Corporation of India Ltd. [...] The representatives of the Corporation who gave evidence at the inquiry admitted that the position was as described above and that there was for the present no case for the protection of the copper industry in India even if the production of copper was taken by itself and not in the context of production of brads sheets and circles in which form only practically the entire output of the Indian Co [...] The Board enquired whether the Corporation had any plans for conversion of the sterling company into a rupee company and for reconstitution of the Board of Directors and was informed that although the Corporation had some such plans before the war there is no such proposal for immediate consideration and that the Board of Directors of the Corporation in London has been carefully watching the si [...] (4) After having heard the arguments advanced by both sides and having examined the pros and cons of the subject the Board has come to the conclusion that the refining industry is an essential stage in the developmeit of the non-ferrous metals industry in the country and Must therefore be assisted to survive in the transition period by the imposition of as low a protective duty as possible it b [...] The alternative to the higher duty on tin solder in India is subsidisation of tin as in the U. K. but considering that our requirements of tin are comparatively small and that the incidence of solder and other white metal alloys on the cost of the job in which they are used is small we prefer the protection of the Indian industry by means of an adequate duty to subsidisation of issue of tin.


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