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Public Works Department Bombay Presidency. Administration Report for the Year 1924-25 Part II Irrigation Works Accounts and Statistical Statements




The course of the river at the mouth of the canal and for a certain distance above and below it remained the same as at the end of the abkalani of 1923-24. [...] Owing to erosion of the river at the mouth of the new feeder to the Sind canal a portion of the new feeder above the Morewah was eroded away. [...] As soon as the discharge in it exceeds 5 000 cusecs the water overtops the banks and touches the flood diversion bund on the east and the hills on the west. [...] As a result of the construction of the weir across the Nara below the mouth of this canal the supply was much better though not sufficient owing to the general low supply in the Nara. [...] There was some deficiency of water at the beginning of the season in the tails of the branches of the Mulchand canal ex Indus but owing to the breach in the bund lines of the Karachi Canals Division the breach water helped the tail Mulchand branches.


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