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Government of India Ministry of Industry & Supply Conference on Industrial Development in India New Delhi 15th to 18th December 1947 Agenda and Notes with Reports of Departmental & Conference Committees and Resolutions passed




It is recognised that the data placed before the Conference may not be complete in all respects but in the absence of a regular organiseion for the collection of industrial statistics as contemplated in the Industrial Statistics Act they are the best that could be copiled at the moment It is hoped that the representatives of the Provinces and States and of Industry will be able to -supplement [...] No attempt has been made to present even in broad ouline a picture of the state of agricultural production the plans that are being formulated for the development of the mineral and power resources of India or the plans for tht: actaptation of our Ordnance Factories to meet the needs of modern defence. [...] The reasons for keeping the basic industries of the country free from foreign control and entirely in the hands of the nationals of the country are obvious. [...] The Indian Chemical Manufacturers Association which rpresent the chemical industry have repeatedly brought this matter to the notice of the Government of India and urged that in view of the reluctance on the part of some of the Provincial Governments to implement fully the recommendations of the Excise Conference the Central Government should in the interests of the Indian spirituous indus [...] The Confe-ence is invited to suggest a proper solution for the existing problems."27 ITEM V (c) MEASURES NECESSARY FOR ENFORCING ADMIXTURE OF POWER ALCOHOL WITH PETROL The production and use of power alcohol are of national importance iboth from the point of view of using the molasses which would othewise be wasted and of creating in the country the nucleus of an indutry which would be of


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