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The Collegian & Progress of India. No. 2 31 August 1920




The Executive Council provided in the Bill consists of 18 members including the er-officio members the officers of the University and representtives of the Court the Visiting Board and the Academic Council the Court's nominees rightly pre-dominating. [...] The Academic Coucil of the University which is to correspond to the Senate of the Benares University will be the final authority in all academic matters subject to the general control of the Court and in case of gross dereliction of duty of Government as well. [...] The Academic Council is to consist of 30 members all of whom will be either the officers of the Unversity as ex-officio members such as the various Chancellors with the Pro Vice-Chacellor as the head the Librarian the Convners of the various departments of studies and some representatives of the Court and the Visiting Board. [...] Then the treatment of each class as the unit of collective instruction in all the subjects of the course assigned to it has the effect of bringing down all to the same level and makes no alloance for the varying capacities of different boys.- In the great public schools and other secondary schools in England in each block of three or four classes Or 'forms' in the vertical structure of the s [...] The Government of Bombay after considering the representation of the University said that while they appreciated the desire of the University and were prepared to cosider it sympathetically they were unable at"No 2 AUGUST 1920 THE COLLEGIAN I13 present to hand over the institution to the control and direction of the University as the original conditions of the donations prevented that being don



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