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The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register For British and Foreign India China and Australasia. New Series. January 1830




1. The Free Import Trade of India Chinese History of Tibet United Twins On the Neglect of British-Indian Biography The Books of Zoroaster the Government and Commerce of India ietters on the Chinese Language Iistory of the Eastern Mongols ices written in a Lady's Album.'hrenology of the Hindoos Nngalese Poetry and Demonology Judicial System of the Mahrattas 4n Mr. [...] An Account of the Value of all Goods Imported from the different Ports and Places situated to the Eastward of the Cape of Good Hope including the Mauritius but exclusive of China computed according to the actual Prices of the Goods in each Year. [...] flow delusive then are all the inferences from the increased exports to India! Yet the arguments against the reneval of the exclusive privt9eges of the East-India Company rest solely upon the supposed prosperity and progressive improvement of the fretrade ! The account we have laid before our readlits supplies the means of c posing one of the many monstrous misstatements in the pamphlet of [...] Crawford to compare the value of the imports in the fifteen years succeeding the present charter act with the value of the imports in the same period of time subsequent to the antecedent charter act. [...] The dignitaries of `Tibet all receive their order; from the minister of foreign affairs at Peking: ithe government of the country is under the direction of the two Chinese generals resident at Massa ttnd the The articles which composed the tribute sent to the Chinese coo* i16=18 were idols of copper gilt painted images obelisks of copper rfitme of the Buddhist saints retheoral rhinoceros'



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