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Non-Christian Religious Systems. Buddhism Being a Sketch of the Life and Teachings of Gautama the Buddha




'La Legende du Buddha ' attempts to trace the origin of many of the latter legends of both churches —as also of the stories about Vishnu and Krishna with which he compares them—in the old worship of the powers of nature and especially of the sun. [...] The simple feeling of awe and wonder at the glorious battles of the storm and the recurring victories of the sun had given way before a debasing24 THE LIFE OF GAUTAIVIA. [...] ritualism; before the growing belief in the efficacy of carefully conducted rites and ceremonies and charms and incantations ; before the growing fear of the actual power of the stars over the lives and destinies of men ; before the growing dependence on dreams and omens and divinations. [...] With them the Sakyas sometimes quarrelled for the possession of the precious liquid but just then the two clans were at peace and two daughters of the raja or chief of the Koliyans were the wives of Sudhodana the raja of the Sakyas. [...] Rajagriha the capital of Magadha was the seat of Birnbisdra one of the then most powerful princes in the eastern valley of the Ganges ; and was situated in a pleasant valley closely surrounded by five hills the most northerly offshoot of the Vindhya mountains.) In the caves on these hill-sides free from the dangers of more disturbed districts and near enough to the town whence they procured


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