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Unesco Projects in India 1953


The general programme and time-table of the Bombay study were as follows: August:—Organisation of the Advisory Committee and the groups of student investigators; preliminary draft of the inteview form and its exploratory use with a few subjects; September:—training the interviewers revision of the inteview form; contacts with leaders of the Muslim community and with representative refugees [...] While rmaining intensely practical and being motivated primarily by the usual hard and practical consideration of profit the Assocition has also been interested in the long-range problem of the workers' welfare and of the place of the industry in the future of India. [...] In many a life history one sees how even before the famine and the partition of India had occurred the fragmentation of the land the pressure of population and the influence of industry upon the village life nad instilled a deep sense of confusion and helplessness. [...] Pandit Nehru referred to the paradox that while modern civilisation is basically the outcome of the life of the mind somehow the function of the mind has grown less and less in the modern world. [...] (The document on the subject was circulated to the members of the Confeence by the courtesy of the Chairman.) (3) That the Classics" of the East should be better known in the West than they are at present and that to this end Unesco should establish a committee to choose such "Classics" and to supervise their publiction.
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Chapter I Social Tensions in India Gardner Murphy
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