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Administration Report of the Public Works Department in the Bombay Presidency for the Year 1932-33 with a Detailed Review of the Civil and Military Works




Arising out of the recommendations of the Reorganisation Committee the following orders were passed :- (a) The Irrigation Development and Research Circle was closed with effect from the 12th March 1933 and the Special Irrigation Division and the Nira Left Bank Canal Division of that Circle transferred to the Deccan Irrigation Circle with effect from the same date. [...] The Effluent Sub-division the Block Officer and his staff and the work of drainage construction and maintenance of the Godavari Pravara and Nira Left Bank Canals remained in the Irrigation Research Division till the 30th April 1933 and thereafter they were transferred to the several Divisions as detailed below :- 1. Effluent Sub-division.. To the Poona Irrigation Division. [...] The Dohad Sub-Division of the Kaira and Panch Mahals Division was abolished and merged in the Godhra Sub-Division of the same Division with effect from the 15th November 1932. [...] As the question of the complete reorganisation of the Public Works Department was under consideration the guarantee of direct appoinments to the Bombay Service of Engineers and to the Bombay Subordinate Engineering Service given to the College of Engineering Poona and the N. E. D. Civil Engineering College Karachi was suspended as a provisional measure from the year 1932."6 Promotions here [...] The words " Training Centre " were added to the designation of the Workshop during the year and in order to justify and demonstrate this side of the activities of the centre the apprentices have prepared many engine parts and general engineering appliances.


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