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Annual Reports of Experimental Farms of the Southern and Eastern Circles Tharsa and Raipur for the Year 1925-26




The distribution of the rain during the months of August and September rendered the operations of weeding and interculture practically impossible. [...] The farm was visited during the year by the Director and the Deputy Director of Agriculture the Botanist the Mycologist and the Agricultural Chemist and other officers. [...] The farm was visited during the year by His Excellency the Governor the Commissioner of the Division; the Deputy Commissioner Raipur the Director of Agriculture the Principal Agricultural College Nagpur the Imperial Agricutural Chemist Pusa and other gazetted and nogazetted officers. [...] The rainfall in the month of September was normal and the break which commenced in the second week of the month proved very beneficial to the'5 standing crops and enabled the cultivation of rabi area to be taken in hand. [...] To test the effect of different quantities of bone ;real superphosphate on the yield of sann grown in bunded fields for green manure and on the subsequent paddy crop the sann being ;own with the aid of irrigation in the middle of May.


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