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The Ajmer Land and Revenue Regulations 1877




If within one month from the date of the publication of any notice under section eleven any objection is made to the partition to which it relates on the ground that the applicant is not entitled to the share of the land of which he is recorded as owner the Revenue-officer shall stay his proceedings for such time as in his opinion is sufficient to admit of. a suit being instituted in the Civ [...] When the period of one month from the date of the publication of the notice issued under section eleven has expired and the objections (if any) made have been disposed of by the Revenue-officer or by the Civil Court as the case may be the Revenuofficer shall if no such objection has been allowed proceed to make the partition : Provided that the Revenue-officer may in his dicretion in [...] When land situate in an istimrari estate is to be acquired under the Land Acquisition Act 1870 for the purpose of constructing a railway or for any other object which in the opinion of the Chief Comissioner may reasonably be expected to improve the value of such estate — ist —the determination of the Collector under section eleven of that Act as to the amount of copensation to be allowed [...] No criminal proceeding against any Istirardar shall be instituted except in the Court of the Magistrate of the district or in that of the Sessions Judge ; and no such proceeding shall be instituted in either of the said Courts without the previous santion of the Chief Commissioner : Provided that a Magistrate of the district or the Sessions Judge may allow any such proceeding to be institut [...] The Chief Commissioner may with the prvious sanction of the Governor General in Council direct that all or any of the provisions of sections twenty-two to twenty-nine (both inclusive) shall apply in the case of any estate in respect of which an istimrdri sanad may be granted by such Chief Commissioner with the sanction of the Governor General in Council after the passing of this Regultion.



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