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The Mogul Emperors of Hindustan




Accordingly I devoted the spare hours of a long and harassing witer to reading the c.-iginal memoirs of the nati-e historian cf Indin and the accounts of early ambassadors and travellers to the. - - court of the Great Moguls. [...] What I demarid is the immediate_ surrender of all that is concealed." The trembling chiefs reveal thsites of the hidden treasures ; the soldiers loot and plunder ; the. wretched popiilace herded in the fields ; in a few days the number of prisoners becomes troublesome ; -tne artisans and the men of learning are segregated from"24 The Mogul Emperors the rest and are despatched to people some [...] astrologers I ascertained the benign or malevolent aiznect of the stars their motions and the --volution of the heavens ; and with the aid of geometricians and architect I laid out gardens and planned and constructed magnificent buildings." " Historians and such as were possessed of information and - intel-ligence I admitted to my presence ; and from these men I heard the lives of the prophets [...] I ordained that the revenue and taxes should be collected in such a manner as might not be productive of ruin to the subject or of depopulation to the country." * * One-third of the gross produce of the eulti.ated land was the share of the government and so remained under his descenants in India."38 The Mogul Emfierors And I ordained that if the rich and the powerful should oppress the poore [...] The essence of tb's story so it seems to me is that Arab chivalry had also.bec-me the highest ideal of the Mogul chiefs of 1403—of the rude and violent descenants of Jagatai."46 The Mogul Emperors and that they were in practical effect only along the main roads and in immediate 6 vicinity of the larger towns and cities.



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