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Our Administration of India. Being a Complete Account of the Revenue and Collectorate Administration in All Departments With Special Reference to the Work and Duties of A District Officer in Bengal




of ascertaining and settling the rights of the ryots and of determining the proportion of the produce payable by them was reserved by the Regulations of 1793 ; but nothing was done until the whole rent law was remodelled by Act X. of 1859. [...] The greater portion of the Madras and Bombay Presidencies and of the Province of Assam is under a ryotwari settlement ; while in the North-Western Provinces Oudh the Central Provinces and the Panjab the form of settlment is zemindari. [...] The Privy Council has pointed out the distinction between the grant of an estate burdened with a certain service and the grant of an office the performance of whose duties are remunerated by the use of certain lands and have ruled that a tenure of the former description cannot be resumed merely on the ground that the service is no longer required. [...] in a ryotwari settlment the assessment and the name of the occupant ; and in a zemindari settlement the rent paid the tenant's name and the name of the proprietor. [...] Certain rulings of the Calcutta High Court have considerably curtailed the powers of Settlement Officers and virtually set aside the principle (affirmed in the Regulations) that the State should be ufettered in the exercise of its paramount right of determining the share of the produce of the soil which should be taken as revenue for State purposes.


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