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A Chaukidari Manual with the Village Chaukidari Act 1870 (Bengal Act VI of 1870) and the Bengal Village Chaukidari Act 1871 (Bengal Act I of 1871) as Modified up to the 1st May 1907




Magistrate of the District : See "District Magitrate." Nomination-roll of chaukidar to be verified NOTICE: form of for nomination of panchayat of nomination of daffadar how to he sent PANCHAYAT(s): Appointment of fresh appointment of how to be conferred appointment of members of for village assumption by District Magistrate of powers of casual vacancy in the membership of how to be fille [...] 9. Upon the occurrence of a casual vacancy in the membership of the panchayat the remaining members shall forthwith report the same to the District Magistrate or Sub-divisional Officer as the case may be and shall at the same time submit the nomination of a suitable successor. [...] Officers when on tour should take the opportunity of seeing and becoming personally acquainted with as many of the members of the panchayat as possible and those of the neighbourhood should be invited to attend at the local camps; but the practice of calling in the panchayats in batches to the thana or elsewhere should be avoided. [...] No member of the panchayat shall personally record any details of the information given other than the name of the informant and the date of the information. [...] (c) On the date fixed for the payment of chaukidars at the thana to cause the amount of their pay to be paid to the chaukidars in the presence of the officer supervising the parade.


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