cover image: 3rd General Conference of Unesco  Beirut  17th November to 11th December. 1948



3rd General Conference of Unesco Beirut 17th November to 11th December. 1948


Julian Huxly submitted to the General Conference he reviewed the working of the various Sections of the Secretariat and the general activties of the Organization. [...] He went on to refer to the challenge of communism: "Let us remember that the appeal of ecanmu-ism is to the backward peoples of the earth to the weak the illiterate the oppressed and the poverty-striken. [...] He said that the success of the Organisation would depend on the active participation of different geographical areas of the world in the execution of programmes and in their direct participation in the various aspects of the work of the Organisation. [...] The Indian Delegation were generally in favour of the continuance of the programme of Reconstruction in the fields of Education Science and Culture in the war-devastated areas but they were of the opinion that the work of reconstruction should be gradually extended to all backward countries and should not be merely confined to war-devastated countries. [...] The Sub-Commission discussed the contribution of Unesco to the free flow of information in collaboration with other organs of the United Nations the working plan of the prjects Division of Mass Communications and the technical needs in the field of Mass Media.
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