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1915. The Law Reports of the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting. House of Lords Judicial Committee of the Privy Council and Peerage Cases




B. Baird v. Dundee Magistrates. Bank of Africa v. Cohen. Bank of Toronto v. Lamb. Banshee The. Barclay and Darlington Township In 1 re. f Bartlett v. Inland Revenue Comissioners. -. Bartonshill Coal Company v Reid Batchelor v. Fortescue. Battersby v. Kirk. Baudains v. Richardson. Bauman v. St. [...] D. 589. Society v. I. [1892] A. C. 309 ▪ 928 867. 393. 439. 440 pany. Henderson v. Henderson v. Stevenson. Herbert's Trustees v. Inland Revenue Commissioners. Heriot's Trust v. Paton's Trustees Hertfordshire County Council v. Groat Eastern Railway Company. Higgins v. Dawson.-. Hillman v. Ankerson. Hinchliffe v. Kinuoul (Earl). Hindson v. Ashby. Hinton v [...] '. New York Corporation v. Harlem } Bridge Railway Company. Newman In re. Newport Dock Company v. Newport Local Board. Nichols Chemical Company of Canada v. Lefebvre. Nicholson v. Piper. Noble v. Edwardes. Norman v. Great Western Railway Company. North British Railway Company v. Budhill Coal and Sandstone Co[1910] A. C. 116 pany. North Eastern Rai [...] v. Islington Assessment Co} — v. Millis. mittee — v. Musson. — v. New River Company. — v. Poplar Union* Assessment } Committee. — v. Surrey Justices. Rex v. City of London Assessment I Committee. — v. Cork (Recorder of). — v. Devon (Inhabitants). — v. East and West India Dock i Company. ) v. Kent (Inhabitants). — v. Korrison. — v. Largan Rural [...]. Shawinigan Carbide Company v: Doucet. Silva v. Nelson. v. Silva. Simcoe In ro. Simpson v. Bloss. Singho Appu v. Amarasuriya. Sion College v. London Corporation. t Smiles v. Crooke. Smith v. Baker. v. Incorporated Council of Law ) Reporting for England and Wales. 1 v. Lion Brewery Company Smitton v. Orient Steam Navigation ) Company. 1 Snelling v.



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