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Proceedings of the Third Meeting of the Industries Committee of the Post-War Reconstruction Board Bihar Held at Ranchi on the 30th September 1944




(c) Manufacture of wires and cables.—On the question of production of paper-insulated lead-covered and armoured cables the attention of the Comittee was drawn to the views of the Electric Inspector Bihar that with the expansion of. [...] (e) Manufacture of motors and transformers.---On the question of manfacture of motors and transformers for which there is expected to be a large demand in the Province itself on the introduction of the Electric Grid Scheme the attention of the Committee was drawn to the information supplied by the Electrical Commissioner about the existing factories in Bombay and Calcutta which were contempla [...] The Technical Mission favoured the use of hard coke in the production of hydrogen by the water-gas process in the first gitage and suggested that the question of using soft coke may be examined in the next stage of development. [...] - In 1941 the Government of India set up the Utilization Branch of the Geological survey of India who have undertaken the exploration of the old workings in the Zawar district of Rajputana. [...] The benefits of the zinc inicistry would be derived by the whole of India and as such the Central Government should give the necessary protection to keep the industry active ix* in tunes of lace and war."15 Utilisation of the Sulphur contained in Zinc Concentrates for the manufacture of 0)140 001 Sulphate.


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