cover image: Government of Bombay  Political and Services Department. Digest of Important Government Resolutions  Circulars and Orders  Etc. Issued During the Financial Year 1950-51



Government of Bombay Political and Services Department. Digest of Important Government Resolutions Circulars and Orders Etc. Issued During the Financial Year 1950-51


(c) SUPPLY OF COPIES OF GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS TO ASSOCIATIONS OF GOVERNMENT SERVANTSupply of copies of Government G. C. No. [...] (6) EMPLOYMENT OF GRANT OF CONCESSIONS TO AND APPRECITION OF THE SERVICES OF GOVERNMENT SERVANTS AND EMPLOYEES OF THE LOCAL BODIES IN CONNECTION WITH THE CONDUCT OF CENSUS OPERATIONConfidential Reports on the interest and energy shown by subordinate officers in regard to Census Opertions of 1951. [...] Issue of intimations regarding the tours of the Honourable Ministers of the Government of Bombay to Districts to M.L. [...] Courtesies to be shown and Police arrangements to be made in connection withthe official visits to the State of Bombay during night-time by the Honourable Ministers Ministers of State and the Deputy Ministers of the Government of India the Governors the Rajpramukhs and the Honourable Ministers of other State Governments in India. [...] Recognition of Sections A and B of the Examination of the Institute of Engineers (India) for the purposes of recruitment to Government Service.
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1. All India Services and Posts: Matters Relating to—
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2. All India Services and State Services: Appointments Postings Transfers Deputation Promotions Conduct Grant of Leave and Appreciation of Good Work Done by Officers
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3. Associations of Government Servants
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4. Bombay Presidency War and Relief Fund
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5. Census Operations
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6. Ceremonials Including Darbars Collectors’ Darbars Darbar Presents Political Uniforms Receptions Etc. of Illustrioujs Personages Court Mournings Etc. Grant of Facilities to Distinguished Visitors National Flags Etc. Tours of Honourable Ministers Etc
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7. Classification and Recruitment Rules
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8. Clothing—Uniforms Kamblies Umbrellas: Orders Regarding the Supply and Distribution of — Among Class IV Servants Etc
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9. Conduct Discipline and Appeal Rules (Including the Government Servants Conduct Rules)
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10. Displaced Persons from Pakistan and Non-Muslim Ex-Employees from Baluchistan
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11. Elections to the Parliament and to the State Legislature
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12. Examinations
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13. Family Pension Fund [Including I.C.S. Family Fund Superior Services (India) Family Penson Fund] : Rules Relatng to —
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14. Floods Fires Earthquakes Eclipses Observatories Zoological Survey of India Meteorological Organisation
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15. Foreign Affairs : Entering Into Treaties and Agreements With Foreign Countries and Implementing of Treaties Agreements and Conventions With Foreign Counties Extradition Indian Embassies in Foreign Countries Foreign Diplomatic Missions and Consular Officers in India : Channel of Communications With Foreign Governments Foreign Consular Officers Indian Diplomatic Missions Etc. Etc
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16. General Administration Report
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17. Governor’s Secretarial Staff
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18. Holidays (Public Sectional Etc.) and Concessions on Religious and Other Grounds
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19. Merged and Integrated States
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20. Ministers Deputy Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries to the Ministers: Salaries Allowances and Privileges of —
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21. Miscellaneous
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22. Pilgrimages to Places Outside India: Admission Into and Emigration and Expulsion from India: Foreign Missionaries in India
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23. Posts and Telegraphs Including Telephones Wireless and Likewise Forms of Communications: Post Office Savings Banks
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24. Provident Fund Rules (Including Those Relating to India Service)
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25. Public Services: Representation of All Castes and Communities: Measures to Secure Adequate in —
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26. Public Service Commission
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27. Rights and Legitimate Interests of All Government Establishments: Safeguarding of —
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28. Royal Humane Society’s Medals and Awards
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29. Rules of Business and Instructions Issued Thereunder
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30. Secretarial Standing Orders Government Records Memorials: Rules Regarding Disposal of Complaints and Representations Etc. from Members of the Public: Official Correspondence
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31. Warrant of Precedence and Table of Precedence
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