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Department of Agriculture Bihar and Orissa Report




19._ Jute.—At the instance of the Government of India an Inter-provincial Conference attended by the Directors of Agriculture and the scientific officers concerned of the three Provinces of Bengal Bihar and Orissa and Assam and presided over by the Agricultural Adviser to the Government of India was held at Calcutta in August 1915 to consider the question of extension and improvement of jute c [...] As however the Department is not yet in position to take over the whole of the work in the province for want of sufficient staff a scale of crop tests to be carried out by the officers of the Department in the different divisions of the province was laid down as an experimental measure. [...] Illiscellaneovs.—Under the directions of the Government of India the Deputy Director of Agriculture Patna has arranged for carrying out a series of experiments in the Sone Canals area in collaboration with the Public Works Department with the object of solving the numerous problems which arise in connection with the distribution and application of water to the land. [...] As in the previous year the well-boring operations of the Department were continued during the year in the Tirhut and Bhagalpur Divisions by the Superintendent of well-boring under the control of Mr. [...] The whole of the cost of each well with the exception of supervision and wear and tear of tools has to be paid by the owner of the well.


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