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International Engineering Conferences and Exhibition—India 1951. Some Impressions




It registered the unspoken appreciation and gratitude of the million and a quatte.r men and women who visited the Exhibition for this great demontrating event of the country's vast natural resources and the unlimited opportunities which modern planning and technique offered for their exploitation in the service of the common man. [...] I. added greatly to my general knowledge of the progress of engineering and of the engineering accomplishments and plans for India; and I am sure that the thousands of Indian and foreign visitors who thronged to the grounds of the exhibition also profited greatly from it. [...] There were engineers icharge of every such scheme to explain the significant;: of the dams the canals the power stations the extent of land under irrigation and of the consequent increase in food production and several other things connected with and resulting from the working of the scheme. [...] The interesting exhibits showing the latest devlopments in power and irrigation engineering and connected research and industries in the more developed areas of the world served to underline the importance of similar advance in our own land.22 those who worked so hard to ensure the success of the exhibition deserve to feel that they have done a fine piece of service to the nation. [...] Such an Exhibition should be of particular value to the young people of the country in enabling them to envisage many of the great technical advances of the age and in inspiring them with the desire to participate whole-heartedly in the scientific and engineering developments now taking place in India.



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