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Mysore-Madras Arbitration 1913-1914. Records of proceedings and Lists of Exhibits 16th July 1913 to 13th May 1914




The proceedings were adjourned from the 22nd July until today to allow of the Representative of the Mysore Government communicating with his Government as to the rules for the larger reservoir. [...] In answer to the Representative of the Madras Government the Representative of the Mysore Government states with reference to paragraph 1.4 of the Mysore Rejoinder " that owing to the imperfect way in which the gauge posts were fixed and for want of downstream readings the results arrived at are over-estimated also the site itself is not suited for measuring high flood discharges. [...] As to the suggested terms of reference " Will the construction and working of the " Kannambadi Reservoir necessarily prevent the passing on to Madras of the quantity c. of water due to Madras " it is understood that the term of reference set out above will include a full examination of the project from its engineering aspects including controlling agency and other matters relevant to the working [...] I have the honour to invite your attention to the new situation which will be created for the French colony of Karikal by the dam which the Government of Mysore propose to erect in the upper reaches of the Cauvery. [...] The Government of Madras are informing His Excellency that the question of the construction of the Mysore reservoir forms the subject of arbitration proceedings which are now pending and that the requirements of the French lands irrigated by the Cauvery have been included in the statement of the amount of water which has been pu forward by the Government of Madras.2 Discussion as to paragraph 99


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