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The Land and Labour of India - A Review




An office however has within the last few months been created by the Secretary of State winch is specially charged with the duty of examining into the want of the country in regard to canals and works of irrigation ; and I have been given to understand that orders have been issued to stay further action in the matter of the redemption of the land revenue or the general institution of a perma [...] Of the Rights of the people of India in the Soil ; Rights of Occupancy OS CHAPTER V. Of the Rights of the State or the Community in the Soil and their Sale or Commutation 129 CHAPTER VI. [...] But taking a general view of the whole the great bulk of the middle and lower classes Of the people Of the mofasiilt of India may be said to be in the Agricultural Isitage of civilization. [...] Possibly it is the -experience affbrded by the working of the opposite principle in nations where the interference of Gvernment has not always been exerted for the good of the people that has rendered Englishmen so inveterate against the doctrines of that school as to lean to the opinion that if Goveiment interferes with the business transactions of the people at all it must be for evil."2 [...] The Lieutenant-Governor of the N. W. Provinces * Official Correspondence—Return to an order of the House of -Commons dated 30th May 1862 59 states that with the exception of the tea t-racts the lands at the disposal of Government in the districts under -his charge offer very little temptation for the embarkation of Britisii capital by reason of the sparseness of the population the difficulty-



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