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Report of the Salt Experts Committee 1950




5.1 In t'he preparation of this report we have kept in view the fact that the present state of the salt industry in India requires a comprehensive discusion of the techniwl aspects of the industry in simple language in order to give information of th conditions that prevail in different parts of India and tc suggest methods within the reach of the manufacturers by which the quality and yield of [...] The continuous cycle of evaporation of water from the sea leading to rainfall on the land continents and its return to the sea laden with the dissolved salt extracted from the earth has built up the salinity of the sea. [...] For example the saturated solution of sodium chloride at 30°C contains 36.03 parts of the salt dissolved in 100 parts of water (solvent) or 136'03 parts of the solution and the solubility is gtated to be 36.03 in terms of the first definition 100 36.03 and —26.48 in terms of the second. [...] 3.2 CHANGE IN VOLUME ON DISSOLUTION.—When a salt iS dissolved in water the weight of the solution is always equal to the sum of the weights of the water and the dissolved salt. [...] The resulting volume is however not equal to the sum of the volumes of the water and of the salt dissolved' in it.


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