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The Story of the Nations. Vedic India - As Embodied Principally in the Rig-Veda




It will embrace the results attained by the study of the Atharva-Veda the Brahmanas the Upanishads the Laws and a synopsis at least of the great epics. [...] Were we to include the extreme Northeast (Assam) and the Indian lands east of the mouths of the Ganges and the Indian Ocean —(Burma Siam etc.)—we should obtain even more imposing parallels ; but we are not concerned in the present work with more than the great western penisula —nor strictly speaking with the whole of that ; since the beginnings of political and social life and the spiritual [...] The monsoon being abruptly stopped as well as the clouds by the double Himalayan wall besides getting involved in the countless narrow valleys and winding passes of the intricate highlands which lead up to it combined with the tremendous accumulation of electricity produces the most terific thunderstorms of the world—and thus the Himalayas detain and confiscate for the exclusive benefit of [...] above the usual rates and as the number of births greatly diminished at the same time and - the normal proportions were not restored until 1880 the total of the population was found in this year to have actually decreased during the last four years instead of increasing at a moderate but steady rate as is the case wherever the normal law of life-statitics is undisturbed and the number of b [...] After the fourth and lowest of the Himalayan terraces has sloped down into the low hot riverland which with only a slight swelling to serve as watershed between the systems of the Indus and the Ganges stretches across from sea to sea from the mouth of one of these royal rivers to that of the other forming a wide belt of plain the ground slopes up again southward into the VINDI-1YA range w


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