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The Unrepealed Acts of the Governor-General of India in Council of the year 1909




The Court shall not have jurisdiction to make an order of adjudication unless— (a) the debtor is at the time of the presentation of the insolvency petition imprisoned in execution of the decree of a Court for the pament of money in any prison to which debtors are ordinarily comitted by the Court in the exercise of its ordinary original juridiction ; or 1. C. Acts 1909.-3. [...] (2) At the hearing the Court shall require proof of— (a) the debt of the petitioning creditor and (b) the act of insolvency or if more than one act of insolvency is alleged in the petition some one of the alleged acts of insolvency. [...] Notice of every order of adjudication stating the name address and Advertisement of order of description of the insolvent the date of the adjudadjudication. [...] (a) The schedule shall be so submitted within the following times namely :- (a) if the order is made on the petition of the debtor within thirty days from the date of the order (b) if the order is made on the petition of a creditor within thirty days from the date of service of the order. [...] an insolvent the Court on the application of a creditor or of the Official Assignee may direct that a meeting of creditors shall be held to consider the circumstances of the insovency and the insolvent's schedule and his explanation thereof and generally as to the mode of dealing with the property of the insolvent.



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