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The Unrepealed Acts of the Governor-General in Council for the year 1906




(2) Until the Governor-General in Council otherwise determines by notification under sub-section (1) the dimensions and designs of the silver coins coined under this Act shall be those prescribed for the like silver coins under the Indian Coinage Act 187o * at the time of the commencement of this Act. [...] The Acts mentioned in the Schedule are hereby repealed to the extent specified in the last column thereof : Provided that copper coins of such descriptions as at the time of the comencement of this Act may be coined at the Mint for issue under the authority of the Governor-General in Council may notwithstanding the repeal of the said Acts continue to be so coined until such time as the Govern [...] 3. In section 39 of the said Act for susection (2) the following shall be substituted namely :- " (2) Unless the Judge is of opinion that the application has been made solely for the purpose of delay the applicant shall be entitled to such order as of right : Provided that the removal directed by such order shall unless the Judge otherwise directs be conditional upon the applicant giving s [...] "(b) in the case of a policy of insurance other than fire-insurance—by the person effecting the insurance.; (bb) in the case of a policy of firinsurance —by the person issuing the policy." Addition to section 3o Act 5. To section 3o of the said Act the following II. [...] 4. In section to of the said Act for the words "with the previous sanAmendment of section so tide the words "subject to the control" shall be of same Act.



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