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Inter-Provincial Hockey Tournament. Official Programme. 1938




YOU )UGHT TO SEE A DOCTOR."* MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT BENGAL HOCKEY ASSOCIATION -0 As President of the Bengal Hockey Association I extend a very cordial welcome to the Teams competing in the Inter-Provincial Tournament which is being held in Calcutta this month to enable the selectors to choose the Team to represent India in Palestine at the Western Asiatic Games. [...] With the exception of the Bengal and Bombay Presidencies where each game is allotted a season hockey is played throughout the year in the other Provinces and the Indian States. [...] S. in 1931 and the success of the Games would have been impossible but for the gracious patronage of His Excellency The Right Hon'ble The Earl of Willingdon the then Viceroy and Governor-General of India and also but for the keen interest and financial help of H. H. The Maharajdhiraja bf Patiala the President of the Indian Olympic Association. [...] The Bhopal Hockey Association is one of the youngest Associations in the country and one of the State associations affiliated 21to the Indian Hockey Federation. [...] Most of our best players come from the Railways and if in 1982 the Railways would have been permitted to have the first call on their players the general opinion was that the Railways might have won the Inter-Provincial title in 1932 because the Provinces employed the services of a number of well-known Railway players as will be seen from the team that went to Los Angeles.


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