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The Pirates of Malabar and an Englishwoman in India Two Hundred Years Ago




The same feelings that led the Spaniards to adopt the standard of the Cross in their conquest of Mexico and Peru were present though less openly avowed in the minds of the merchants and adventurers of all classes and nationalities who flocked into the Indian seas in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. [...] The captain and all who were unwilling to join were put into a boat and the Charles renamed the Sir James Houblon was an Alderman of London and a Governor of the Bank of England at the time.18 THE PIRATES OF MALABAR Fancy was headed south for the coast of Africa. [...] From their Madagascar settlements the pirates scoured the east coast of Africa the Indian Ocean as far as Sumatra the mouth of the Red Sea where the Mocha ships offered many rich prizes the Malabar coast and the Gulf of Oman. [...] At the moment of his writing this letter he had the master of the Mary a prisoner under hatches and the factory chiefs of Carwar and Calicut were well aware of it ; but to the end he believed that he could throw dust in the eyes of the Copany's officials by making play with the royal commission. [...] In pursuance of the agreement the Dutch convoyed the Mecca pilgrims and patrolled the entrance to the Red Sea besides making a payment of Rs.70 000 to the Governor ; the English paid R8.30 000 and patrolled the South Indian seas ; while the French made a similar payment and policed the Persian Gulf.



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