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The Oriental Annual or Scenes in India; Comprising Twenty-Two Engravings from Original Drawings by William Daniell and a Descriptive Account by the Rev. Hobart Caunter




A chine of the hog which had fallen under the sword of the Mahomedan was soon dressed and at the top of the table the tusked head appeared with a large orange in the mouth and garlanded with a wreath—not of laurel but of some shrub that answered the purpose just as well. [...] The ceremony of introducing him for the first time to the schoolmaster and his scholars was publicly recorded and was attended with all the solemnity of a religious observance ; a prayer being publicly offered up on the occasion to the figure of Ganesa the Hindoo god of Wisdom which was at the head of every Hindoo school imploring him to aid the child in his endeavours to learn and become wise [...] The city of Madura up to the period of the great Mhomedan invasion by Mahmood was the focal spot at which all the pilgrims met in their journey to the temple of Ramisseram then the most celebrated in Southern India and resorted to by pilgrims from all parts of the peninsula. [...] Much however as the bigotry of these Islam invaders had done to wipe from the fair chronicles of time those noble records of man's ingenuity and enteprise which were once the pride of the enlightened and are now the boast of the half-civilized Hindoo nevertheless the glorious ruins scattered over the face of one of the noblest countries upon earth attest the triumph of human ingenuity in [...] On the second pillar to the right of the spectator as he faces the door at the bottom is the figure of Trimal Naig the founder of this gorgeous structure in a group with six of his wives three on one side and three on the other to whom on account of their lord's munificence the Hindoos continue to pay divine honours as well as to himself.


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