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Indian Serpent-Lore or the Nāgas in Hindu Legend and Art




INTRODUCTION 1 I. THE /sTIGAS IN THE GREAT EPIC 47 The origin of the Naga race. ▪ 49 The wager of Kadrfi and Vinata ▪ 50 The rape of the soma by Garuda 51 The myth of gesha the World Serpent 57 How the Nagas held council. 58 The hermit Jaratkaru and the snake-maiden Jaratkaru ▪ 59 Tie Brahmin Uttanka and the Serpent-king Takshaka 61 How King Parikshit was killed by the Naga Takshaka ▪ 66 Th [...] THE NAGAS AND THE BUDDHA. 93 The Birth of the Bodhisattva 95 The river Nairafijana ▪ 97 The Bodhisattva extolled by the Naga Kalika. ▪ 98 How the Serpent king Muchilinda sheltered the Lord Buddha 102 The Nagaraja Elapattra questions the Buddha 105 How the Lord Buddha subdued the fiery dragon of Uruvilva 107 How a certain Naga was ordained as a Buddhist friar. 110 How the Elder Svagata subdue [...] THE NAGAS IN THE JATAKAS 132 The Naga and the birds 136 The foolish raftsmen and the angry Naga 137 The story of Dardara the exiled Naga. 137 How King Senaka received a charm from a Nagaraja 138 The story of the greedy merchants. 139 The old well 140 The Naga Panclura who let his secret out ▪ 141 How a Naga and a Suparna were reconciled through the holy influence of a hermit. 142 Vidhura the [...] We can distinguish in it : (1) the direct adoration of the animal the most formidable and mysterious of all the enemies of men ; (2) a worship of the deities of the waters springs and rivers symbolized by the waving form of the serpent ; (3) conceptions of the same kind as that of the Vedic Ahi and connected closely with the great myth of the storm and the struggle of light with darkness." P [...] Quite possibly both the system of the guardian-gods and that of the elephants of the quarters (din-raga) are ultimately derived from the notion of the dragons of the sky which must have been still alive in the early period when the hymns of the Atharva-veda were composed.



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