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Crime and Religious Beliefs in India




The worship of earth-mothers and the conception of nature in the birth of the seasons ; the folk-lore of the agricultural sections of the people who believe that the fertility of the soil depends on the periodical marriage of the eartgoddess with a male consort—usually rain —has found its natural qxpression in sacred prostitutes whose duties are to serve the Gods and to reproduce in their own l [...] "Moreover it is known that the criminals include all castes and classes from the Pathan and the Punjabi Mussulman to the Hindus of the United Provinces and the Central Provinces as well as the Nepalese. [...] Whatever the origin of the practice in ancient days of the dedication of women as devadasis in Hindu temples it is unfortunately the case that the practice has now degenerated mainly into a method of initiation of young women to a life of immorality and prostitution. [...] To show -that public opinion is in favour of the abolition of the system and in response to the appeal of several men and women associations and hundreds of enlightened members of the community of devadasis themselves I have brought forward this Bill." Following my intention of describing how certain religious beliefs and customs influence the minds of the ignorant masses I will now turn to a" [...] It is not enough to make the punishment of such crimes more severe but the law should be amended in such a way that persons who by giving shelter or otherwise facilitate the commission of the crime or the escape of the offender may be brought within the operation of the law.



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